The Fairmount Innovation Lab is all about community involvement. Whether you want to be a resource, have your business incubated, or just have a space to do your work we offer a way to come together and become a part of something.

Creative entrepreneur? Social visionary?

The Fairmount Innovation Lab supports new ideas in creative industry by giving them access to space, business education, resources and a way to share skills with other upcoming entrepreneurs along the Fairmount Corridor. 

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Be a resource:

I cannot thank The Fairmount Innovation Lab enough for bringing in Jay Calderin, fashion industry expert. Mr. Calderin opened my eyes to necessities and possibilities that I had been unaware of previously, and I am so grateful to The Fairmount Innovation Lab for giving me access to such a wonderful resource!
— Jordan Longever, Founder & CEO, Steel Jaw Angels, LLC - Women's Boxing Apparel

Are you an expert in your field who has skills to share? An MBA student that wants to get into up and coming start ups? Want to become a part of our mentor program as part of our unparalleled creative industries incubator? 

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Still learning but want to contribute?

Join our amazing internship program! Our internships offer creative people the chance to develop their skills and build connections while making a difference in a truly unique organization.

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