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Joelle Fontaine

I Am Kreyol

I Am Kreyol is a women's high fashion brand that celebrates individuality through bold and enticing visual aesthetic. They aim to impact the world one garment at a time, empowering women through dynamic design that makes them feel strong and unique- contributing to the economic development of Haitian women through employment.


Designer Joelle Fontaine's aim is to enlighten, educate and empower by using fashion to increase awareness of social causes affecting people domestically and abroad. 

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Donalyn Stephenson

FABLabs for America, Inc

Donalyn Stephenson is President and CEO of FABLabs for America, Inc (FLFA) a social education and community economic development company in Boston that's building capacity and support for MIT-affiliated community fablabs. Donalyn, a native of the Grove Hall section of Boston, has spent much of her life in nurturing, "learning" environments. Her fablab development organization works to create a society where everyone is equipped to thrive in a technology driven world.


Amir Dixon

ANI (Amir Now Inc.)

A indie creative + visual design firm made up of Design Engineers who works in collaboration to create bold + innovative work that advances health + economic equity within communities of color and other marginalized communities.  


Justin Springer

Outside The Box Agency

Justin is the President of Outside The Box Agency, a creative, think tank entity that pairs cutting edge ideas with revolutionary talent to offer their clients unparalleled services in Brand Management, Public Relations, and


Justin co-founded B.R.E.AD and launched a successful youth program (Dream Builders Youth Project) at the Burke High School. The team received national media attention through their program sponsoring an art visual mural of 5 time Grammy award winning artist and disco queen, Donna Summer, who is also an alumni of the Burke High School.